Wishing all a healthy, lucky and happy Lunar New Year!

As we bid good bye to the year of the Ox, we would like to thank all of you for your valuable support and making this year special. We are also very gratefull that we stayed healthy and that we managed to sail through a turbulent year filled with COVID 19 challenges. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our partners, customers and all other stakeholders for making this a successful year.

Looking forward, we want to wish you good health, good luck and much happiness in the year of the Tiger! The Tiger is the third animal of the Chinese zodiac and is known as the king of all beasts in China. The Tiger is a is a symbol of strength and braveness. If the year of the Rat (2020) was about survival and the year of the Ox (2021) was about anchoring ourselves in a new reality, then the year of the Tiger will be about making big changes. This will be a year of risk-taking and adventure or so say the people in the know!

In addition to the animals, the Chinese Zodiac also cycles through five elemental types. So, this is not only the year of the Tiger, it’s the year of the Water Tiger. Water years bring out our emotions more than any of the other elements and we should therefore be focused on building teams or getting back into creative projects. Life is short so why not be happy?

We thank you for your great support in the year of the Ox and look forward to building on a better year of the Tiger!
Gongxi Facai to all!