Critical delivery for Argentina

Last month Argentina’s main power generation company had a failing turbine in one of their powerplants. Central Oceans Thailand was contacted to study the possible solution for the urgent delivery of the 12,300 kg replacement. We did our research and provided a solution basis a full charter of an AN-12 for an approximate 50hr trip to its destination.

The turbine spare part was delivered from the free trade zone in Laem Chabang to UTP airport and the AN-12 landed on the tarmac late afternoon/ early evening. After some last minute required changes to the cargo packaging, cargo was positioned in line with cargo plane’s ramp and subsequently pulled in by means of 2 winches. The AN-12 departed soon afterwards and has meanwhile has safely arrived in Argentina where the turbine spare part has been delivered to the power plant to replace the failing unit. We would like to thank our Argentinian PCN partner for the good cooperation and all parties involved for the smooth execution of this critical delivery.


Want to see a short impression, check out the video below!