Construction & Mining Logistics

One of our core activities is the transportation logistics of construction equipment, agricultural heavy machinery and mining equipment. Our ability to handle both standard shipments, and also the movement of oversized dimensional cargo, allows us to support many of the world’s largest manufacturers from the production line all the way to the end-user. Central Oceans has successfully managed the transportation of this type of heavy equipment by combining various innovative methods when delivering to some of the most remote locations in the world. We have also set up successful VMI and JIT programs that have allowed our customers to penetrate markets and provide value-added services to their end customers that others cannot.

We have registered with the Achilles Network, an organisation that provides stringent supply chain pre-qualification across all industries including Renewables, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, FMCG and others.
Central Oceans was validated by Achilles under supplier number 00079832.

Certificate of Membership Achilles Network

Given our extensive network of specialized partners, we are able to offer our clients a vast array of complementary solutions, ranging from re-packaging, storage, and modification, to technical inspections, and distribution systems.