Fit for Purpose?

We often get requests for additional services, for instance to assist customers with packaging services. As packaging cost represent a substantial cost, the important question is not “what is seaworthy packaging,” but rather what is “fit for purpose packaging.”

The easiest option to give cargo some additional protection (think for instance against scratches) during transport and storage will be the use of tarpaulins. However, tarpaulins generally do not keep salty air away, nor do they protect against rough handling during transport or storage.

It is important to think about the method of transport used, the particular transport route, the duration, country and place of destination. Also items such as the usual handling for the cargo, but also the storage before, after and during transit should be taken into consideration. The packing that is “fit for purpose” needs to guarantee undamaged arrival of the packaged goods on the basis of transport, handling and storage stresses expected.

We always advise customers to keep the following four criteria in mind:

Protective function
Storage function
Transport and handling function
Quality function

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our teams if you want to have our opinion on packaging of your capital equipment.