A Star visits Hong Kong

The team in Hong Kong welcomed the MV RollDock Star in Hong Kong waters for our principal Roll Group. The MV RollDock Star is modern dock type semi-submersible multifunctional heavy lift ship with flexible modes of discharge. The vessel is equipped with a ramp/deck design and can assist in Roll On – Roll Off movements for heavy cargoes, but she is also able to submerge up to 12.5 meters for Float On – Float Off operations and use her two deck cranes for lifts up to 700 MT.

The team assisted with her port call to float off a 57 meter yacht in the calm waters of the Western Anchorage. After her operations, we assisted on crew changes, provisions and bunkers to prepare her for her next job. We want to thank the all parties involved for making this a smooth float off operation and look forward to receiving this Star in Hong Kong waters again soon!