Wishing all a happy and healthy 2023!

At the end 2022, we look back at a rollercoaster of a year for many of us. Some, like our colleagues and customers in China, are still going through a difficult time with a new COVID surge and we hope they will also soon be fine. This year has been an incredibly tough, unexpected year riddled with personal and professional hardships for a lot of us that will continue to shape our lives. Despite this difficult time, we are very grateful that we stayed healthy and that we managed to sail through a turbulent year filled with challenges. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our partners, customers and all other stakeholders for making 2022 a successful year.

As the world continues to slowly open up and recover, we see light starting to come through. Port congestions are reducing, service reliability is improving, and we hope that 2023 will be a more normal year that allows for an operational recovery. We are excited to start a New Year that will bring optimism and opportunities for all of us. As always, your support has been the key ingredient to our success and we will continue serving you to the best of our ability.