Underwater Views!

Last week we revealed our plan to help restore the ocean, one vessel at a time. We towed the MV Sri Rahmat to her final location and prepared for her to be sunk, just off Lankayan Island. The team spent several days on the preparations and, when the tide and weather windows were favourable, they then allowed the ocean to do the rest.

We are glad to announce that the operation was successfully completed with the help of the Department of Fisheries, Reef Guardian, Reef Defenders, the SIMCA Marine Reserve and Carbon X. The MV Sri Rahmat was sunk to her designated location at a depth of 14 meter with a clearance of about 10 meters and further secured in her location by a team of local divers.

In the course of these coming weeks, we will monitor the wreck and the Sealife it will attract. We will make sure you have a front row seat with onshore and underwater camera work documenting the entire process!