Thrusting USA

In the past weeks, we assisted our client with the lifting, crating and moving of complete thruster sets in the USA. The units were located in a storage yard in the USA and we ensured that there were safely lifted, turned and secured onto road transport. At two other locations, we loaded the thruster engine, the propellor and the spares, as to make the shipment complete.

After the thruster was offloaded at an intermediate storage facility and the other units delivered to our packing facility. We then packed the thruster engine and spares in proper seaworthy packing, before we secured them onto two units flat rack. Once the mother vessel arrived in port, we delivered the flat racks to port and loaded the thruster onto the barge. When the mother vessel was ready, we safely loaded the thruster with a heavy lift crane barge to its location in the vessel.

Once in Holland, the units will be fitted onto a new hull and ready for action!