Surveying the Andes

When it comes to preparation of projects, we do leave nothing to chance and perform detailed route surveys in the early stages of a project. These surveys are essential to identify the most suitable and efficient transport solution, but more importantly reduce costs and risks during project execution.

So when we took on a job in Bolivia, our team drove the entire route of 1247 kilometers from the Chilean entry port to the site in Bolivia (and back!). Given that our longest cargo is about thirty meters, we documented a suitable route without low hanging obstructions such as bridges, power lines, signs or trees that would be capable of handling the transit of our cargoes safely. We measured the critical parts of the journey in dimensions and in weight bearing capacity, but also identified holding areas in case of emergencies.

As we travelled through the beautiful landscapes, we also ensured to document routes that avoid harm to the environment utilizing the most direct routes when transporting loads. We also looked at route planning and strategic management of the vehicles when it comes to reducing fuel consumption (and therefore lowering exhaust emission) during high altitude transports.

We want to thank the team involved for their dedication and off course show a few images of the beautiful journey!