Safe Harbor Storage for your US Projects?

The team in the USA has recently completed turn-key deliveries of almost 2000 shipping containers with solar energy cargos to a 25 acre storage yard for Safe Harbor Storage. Our team designed, developed, constructed and now operates this facility which we established as a Foreign Trade Zone. The Foreign Trade Zone designation of this storage yard required additional diligence and security measures, but allows our clients unique benefits when it comes to logistical and financial planning. The Safe Harbored solar energy cargo will be securely stored until it is deployed to future renewable energy project sites across North America.

We provided ocean transport, terminal handling and warehousing, inland transport via truck and rail, drayage, and yard management for these 2000 container deliveries – a true turn-key solution. There are almost 28,000 MTs of cargo in the 25 acre storage yard, representing approximately 850 MW of nameplate generation capacity. Close to 20,000 pieces of cargo including pallets, crates, solar modules, and torque tubes are now stored in the secure yard. The busiest day for our team saw 82 container deliveries in a nine hour period!

The team in the USA is excited to build and operate additional Foreign Trade Zone storage solutions across America. Given the May 27th announcement extending the continuity safe harbor, Central Oceans is pleased to help solar developers with transportation and storage needs for equipment they plan to take title of by October 15th 2020. As COVID-19 has affected the supply chain and construction activities for many renewable developments, we commend the continuity safe harbor extension. Please contact our team to discuss Safe Harbor Storage solutions, and how Foreign Trade Zones can benefit your supply chain.