One more month to go!

At Central Oceans we are serious about the Ocean! In the past months, we have been working on something very special and close to our heart with CarbonX Global. We can’t wait to share the details of what is in store, but are counting down the weeks till the launch with a weekly tip to reveal something about this amazing project. Please don’t hesitate your guess in the comment box!

Tip 1
Meet one of our ocean’s most showstopping fish, the fabulous Bumphead Parrotfish. Their namesake comes from their bird-like beak that helps them eat their favourite food, dead corals and rocks. These animals eat so much coral on a daily basis that they also produce a very large amount of faeces. Parrotfish faeces play an important role in the maintenance of healthy coral reef habitats, replenishing nutrients while simultaneously keeping algae growth in check.

Photographs by LKWID and David Doubilet