Moving an Electric Mountain

On behalf of partners in Belgium and Korea, the team in the UK coordinated the terminal operations for the offloading 47 Reel Drums of High Voltage Cable at the port of Liverpool. The team will also assist with the temporary storage and trucking in daily delivery sequence to site.

The cable is going to a substation that is being constructed as part of the Llanberis Dinorwig Hydro Power station. The Power Station, locally known as the “Electric Mountain” is a fascinating construction built comprising of 17 kilometres of underground tunnels deep inside the Elidir Fawr mountain in the Snowdonia National Park. Operating since 1984, water is pumped from a lower lake to an upper lake during off-peak times and during the day, the water feeds back down to the lower lake generating Hydro electricity as is goes. The new cabling replaces the original cables to allow for efficient delivery of generated power towards the National Grid.

We would like to thank all involved for their assistance thus far, while we continue to proceed with deliveries over the next few weeks.