High Standards for our QC Service Team

During the eight months of fabrication for the STS cranes – in sometimes harsh circumstances (heat, rain and snow) – our QC team has continuously safeguarded the high-quality requirements on behalf of our client. As a result, at the begining of this month, the parts of the first STS crane have been loaded and shipped to its end destination in Europe. Currently, the last improvements are being implemented before the second STS will also leave for its final destination. Once in port, the STS cranes will be commissioned and put to good use in port.

It has been a very satisfactory, and at times challenging project, but our QC team remained focussed the entire project and did an excellent job. We made sure the final user/ client was daily updated of the progress in factory and ensure that the realized quality was as per required standard! We would like to thank all parties involved and give special thanks to our magnificent QC team for doing such a superb job!