Charging Ahead in Salisbury

The team in the UK delivered two units E-Houses to a new Battery storage site based in South West of the UK. Given the dimensions, a new access road had to be constructed, but after a trial run earlier in the year and some final adjustments we were ready to deliver the units. The units arrived from Finland into Harwich port on a direct sailing and were then delivered under escort to the site.

The units represent an important step forward for the UK’s path towards Net Zero. The E-Houses are part of the first battery station that is directly connected to the transmission network and supports access to clean, reliable energy by balancing the intermittency of renewables. The energy storage system will provide grid services such as wholesale market trading, which will help balance renewable energy generation throughout the day. Central Oceans continues to support and seek out project opportunities that also match our own ambitions in growing our business in a sustainable manner. We would like to thank the client, our partners and suppliers for their support in making this a successful operation.