AAL Bunker Surcharge Notice

Dear Customers,

AAL Asia – Australia East-Coast & West-Coast Liner Services

As you may be aware, there has been a considerable and consistent rise in fuel cost within our trading area.

Regrettably, it is not possible for AAL to absorb this high level of increase and we therefore advise that the BAF rate across our Asia – Australia East Coast & West Coast Liner services will adjust to
USD $10.00 / RT, effective from the following voyages:
• AAL Shanghai 910ES or sub
• AAL Fremantle 07WS19 or sub
Please do not hesitate to contact your AAL representative for any further information required. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support.

Warmest Regards,

Central Oceans Hong Kong Ltd., as agents for AAL

Find out more about AAL’s services here or for any questions in regard to the above please don’t hesitate to contact our team at AAL@centraloceans.com